Sunset Brow Collection LUXE


Sunset Brow Collection LUXE

Sunset Brow Collection LUXE

Pigment Breakdown:

Sunset LUXE: Glowing and golden. This light value pigment can be used on its own to achieve a gorgeous strawberry blonde tone or use it as a warm modifier to add some extra warmth. Fitzpatrick 1-2.

Toffee LUXE: Toffee-toned perfection. This warm reddish-brown pigment is perfect for clients with red hair. Use it on its own or as a warm-modifier for any color. Fitzpatrick 2-3.

Autumn LUXE: A deep autumn hue. This warm, dark-value pigment is ideal for clients with darker red or auburn hair. Use it on its own or as a warm-modifier for any color. Fitzpatrick 2-3.

Shading Solution LUXE: The best solution for developing a lighter, more sheer color especially for shading purposes. Dilute your pigment at your chosen ratio in your pigment cup before a procedure.


Perma Blend Luxe

Perma Blend Luxe (REACH)

Perma Blend Luxe


We are an ever-evolving brand. We constantly push to improve our products and the science of permanent makeup. We innovate to meet Europe’s REACH regulations. In the US we have ISO 13485 medical device level certification to ensure the highest level of quality and safety before, during, and after the manufacturing process. Today, we continue to reinvent the industry standard to make unmatched quality and innovation accessible to you. It matters, that as an artist, you feel great about what you’re working with. So you can be true to your clients.
perma blend luxe

Tina Davies

Tina began her career as a makeup artist in California, studying facial morphology and a range of different makeup techniques. She built a reputation for natural, flawless & discreet permanent makeup and went on to pioneer the award-winning Feathering Technique® in 1999.
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