Skin Monarch Luxury Tattoo Cartridges 1RL-0,35mm


Skin Monarch Luxury tattoo cartridges are made 316 medical grade stainless

Skin Monarch Luxury Tattoo Cartridges 1RL-0,35mm

Luxury tattoo cartridge advantages:

-Clear color tip – better visibility;
-Perfectly tapered needles;
-With soft silicone finger grip;
-With innovation ink tank system;
-Cartridge needle is sharp, system simple to use and ensure that master will get
the best result on each procedure;
-Needles are soft and flexible. These properties are excellent for shadowing.

Skin Monarch best tattoo cartridges are designed to use with high class
permanent make up machinesSkin Monarch BaronSkin Monarch Duke Tattoo
Machine Set, MastSpektraCheyenneBellarColoricaEZ tatoo and other
devices that uses cartridge system in the market.

How to use:
Cartridges are very simple to use and they are compatible with big
variaty of devices. You just need to take off sterile package, adjust to your
device and cartridge is ready to use. Please note, all Skin Monarch cartridges are
disposable and it is safest and simpliest use method.
Skin Monarch cartridges has clear color tip for better visibility which is very
comfortable for master.
Also, during procedure it is very useful to use Skin Monarch Cleaning foam 150ml. for permanent make up pigment and tattoo ink
cleansing. It is unique product which refreshes, nourishes and soothes irritated
skin. As well, we reccommend to use  right after you have finished treatment use Skin Monarch Perfect Finish after
care spray 50ml., which also stops bleeding and creates microbial protection as well.


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