ROSA Green Soap


ROSA Green Soap

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ROSA Green Soap

A cleansing gel for the skin that removes impurities, make-up residues and pigment from the skin.

It has moisturizing, balancing and soothing effects.

It is recommended for use PMU specialists before, during and after PMU treatments to cleanse the skin without irritation.

Helps prevent inflammation and supports the wound healing process.

When performing PMU, tattooing on the body or pigmenting the scalp, it allows to remove excess pigment quickly and gently.

One hundred percent natural cosmetics, it contains only natural, plant-based ingredients.

Καθαρίστε το δέρμα πριν, κατά τη διάρκεια και μετά τη θεραπεία μόνιμου μακιγιάζ.

Απλώστε μια μικρή ποσότητα σε ένα βρεγμένο βαμβάκι και τρίψτε το απαλα πάνω στο δέρμα για να καθαρίσετε.

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