Q & J PMU Cartridge


20230502 150809 461x1024 jpgUniversal PREMIUM PMU SMP cartridges.

Q & J PMU Cartridge

Q & J PMU Cartridge

Make your mark in the PMU world with our new cartridge,feauting a slim,tapered cartridge design that offers maximum visibility and pixel-perfect precision.

We have redesigned out tips from the ground up,introducing a new internal system for higher stability and reduced vibration,so you can achive beautiful results while gentle on the skin.

Take control during procedures with a new tip reesevoir that facilitates clean work,oprimizes pigment consumption,and prevents splatter.


0.22 1RLLT, 0.25 1RLLT, 0.30 1RLMT, 0.30 1RLLT, 0.30 1RLXLT, 0.35 1RLT, 0.35 1RLXLT, 0.35 1RLMT, 0.18 3RLLT, 0.22 3RLLT, 0.25 3RLMT, 0.25 3RLLT, 0.30 3SLOP.FLAT, 0.30 3RS, 4FLAT


Q & J

Q & J Universal PMU & Tattoo CartridgesQ & JPink Universal Tattoo Cartridge NeedlesFrom the beginners to Professional artists, our products attract their attention.Disposable Universal Pink Permanent Makeup Needle Cartridge Tattoo Eyebrow Stroke Shading CartridgeMedical grade stainless steel, premium tattoo needles.Improved membrane system, allows ultimate stability and control.Advanced molding technology, brings excellent ink flow and precision.An be used with any devise that fits universal/ standard cartridges
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