Mast Pro


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Mast Pro

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Mast Pro-Material: medical grade PC material shell, More safety than the PVC material.

The needle is made of Japanese standard medical stainless steel, with sharp needle points and neatly arranged –

All the needle cartridges production and assembly are carried out in the aseptic workshop, and are packaged after disinfection and sterilization to ensure the safety of the needles –

The non-slip strip design on both sides is not only very convenient and labor saving when changing the needle, but also helps the tattoo artist to better control the needle -The back of the needle shell has a concave design, which is convenient and cozy for the fingers when tattooing  -The shape of the needle shell is designed according to artificial mechanics, and the holding posture is comfortable, and the tattoo artist will not be tired after working for a long time -The round liner needle adopts a funnel-haped design, which stores more ink, and the ink discharge is very uniform, without ink jetting, the round liner needle can tattoo longer line -The Magnum cartridge needles increases the groove design on the back, its function is to increase the ink storage function, and the open  tip of magnum and curved magnum needle are easy to clean -The internal stabilizer design of the round Liner needle can make the needle more stable when you are lining -The unique rubber membrane design allows the needle to be closer to the needle tip and increase stability, and prevent the backflow of ink can better protect your tattoo machine


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Mast Pro

Mast Pro

  • Purple tattoo cartridges needles have been providing with high density clear plastic body.
  • This cartridges are equipment with the perfect tension for less stress on your tattoo machine maintain the pen long time working.
  •  needles reliable for all-purpose work .offering all the groupings and sizes you need whenever liner or shader .
  • The easier to clean clear bodies allows the tattoo tip cleaned properly between purple color changed.must
  • Cartridge offer good ink flow and fit with most rotary tattoo machines. While we plan to stick to higher-end needles for our clients,
  •  Mast Pro cartridges are reliable and high-quality for the price.

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