Doreme Organic Pigment :Cherry Blossom 709


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Doreme Organic  Colours for Permanent Makeup

Characteristics of Organic Pigments

  • Maximum pigment enclosure
  • Easy implantation into the skin
  • Vibrant colours
  • Non-Iron Oxide
  • High pigment density


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Doreme Organic Pigment :Cherry Blossom 709

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Doreme Organic Pigment :Cherry Blossom 709doreme organic pigments 709 cherry blossom



Doreme pigments | Doreme Permanent Makeuphe Doreme brand is certified by Dermatest, a certification laboratory that is based in Germany.Dermatest is a well respected research laboratory that tests products for their safety for use by humans and for the environment.This research company adheres to the strictest guidelines to ensure a high standard of quality control.Doreme Pigment is a product of JHN Micro Tec. The founder Mike started his interest in pigmentation when he worked for a pigment manufacturing company, making paint. When Mike teamed up with his sister, a permanent makeup artist in Korea, they formulated Doreme. Doreme is formulated to be a high pigmented permanent makeup brand that delivers quality and innovation.The manufacturing company, JHN Micro Tec, originated in Switzerland and moved to South Korea.South Korea has one of the most strict manufacturing guidelines for Cosmetic Pigments. These restrictions includes restriction on heavy metal content, emulsion stability, and Pigment particle sizes. JHN not only complies with South Korea's regulations but takes a step further in years of emulsion research to ensure the right viscosity for each of their lines. Emulsion, particle size and PH ratings are important when it comes to producing a pigment that will stay true to color, preventing unwanted fading results. JHN Micro Tec produces three different lines of pigments in the Doreme Brand. They did this because the viscosity (thickness and consistency) has to be tailored to the different permanent makeup procedures available to ensure that the color heals true and do not migrate. Iron Oxide Pigment Line Doreme Liquid Pigments: Doreme Liquid pigment line has the lightest viscosity, similar to ink consistency, where it can be poured out. This pigment line is meant for machine use micropigmentation. Using a machine that looks like a pen, you would insert the pigment into the Dermis layer. But because you are using the pen to deposit a larger amount of pigments, liquid viscosity will work the best. Machine work also tends to go a little deeper as well. Doreme 2Shot Pigments: Doreme 2Shot pigment line is very similar to a lotion consistency. Not liquid enough to spill out easily, but it will slide slowly out of the bottle with help of gravity. This viscosity is great for microblading, especially for shading with fog blades. In addition the 2Shot line can also be used for micropigmentation to produce hair strokes with a permanent makeup pen, using 1R or 3R needles, allowing each line to pop out more crisp. Doreme Concentrate Pigments: Doreme Concentrate Line has a paste like consistency. This line is especially designed for Microblading, ensuring that the lines heal solid when bladed into the right depth of the Dermis Layer. The Concentrate line has very high pigment content in each pump, and when inserted into the skin, it stays concentrated in each strokes. It is best used in combination with the Brow Booster for best retention. The above Doreme lines are made with Iron Oxide. Iron Oxide pigments are the most stable pigments, with the lowest reaction rate. Iron Oxide Pigment Questions: Does Doreme's Iron Oxide Pigments contain any heavy metals, and can you go into MRI scans after procedure done with their Iron Oxide pigments? 1) JHN Micro Tec ensures that the Iron Oxide pigments do not contain any heavy metals, and it is MRI Safe. Will Pigments fade to blue, red or grey?2) Pigment fading to blue, red or grey is due to a combination of technique and pigment. Fading to Red: Iron Oxide pigment can fade to red if the pigment does not match a client's undertone. A customer's undertone can either be cool, warm or neutral. If the customer has a warm undertone, and uses a warm pigment, there is a chance it will fade to red because of the overwhelming amount of red pigment particles in both the skin and the pigment. However, if the artist uses a cool pigment for a red undertone client, or if the artist adds a bit of red corrector to a warm pigment, then this problem will not arise. Fading to Blue: Iron Oxide pigments may fade to blue for two reasons: A) The pigment has been inserted too deep into the skin. The deeper a pigment goes, the more blue it will turn. You can tell this to be the case when a customer's incision heals, there will be a blue shadow beside the original stroke. B) The customer's undertone is cool and the artist has use a cool tone pigment. Just like the above description for fading to red, the artist must match the undertone to the correct pigment tone. If your client has a cool undertone, a warm tone pigment should be used, or a drop of blue corrector should be used. Fading to Grey: Iron oxide pigment does not fade to grey unless it contains the organic ingredient Charcoal or Carbon. There is no need to worry about this issue with the above three Doreme Iron Oxide pigment lines. How To Read Doreme Chart: Doreme Chart Doreme Chart has the color, the color number, a gradient of how it may heal, and the pigment undertone. Pigment Tone: Our skin undertone can be either Warm, Cool or Neutral, Doreme also categorizes their color with the same three tones: Sun = Warm = More Red Pigment is used Snowflake = Cool = More black Pigment is used Circle = Neutral = More yellow Pigment is used This will help us know which color is best suited for our clients. Example: If client has a warm undertone, a cool pigment should be used to heal true to color. If client has a neutral undertone, warm or cool can be used. If client has cool undertone, a warm pigment should be used. How it Heals Each client not only has different undertone, but also have different skin tone and genetics that affects the healed color. Example: I have used the same color (Dark Ash) on an East Indian Client and a Chinese Client. Even though the pigment is the same the healed result was different. The East Indian client healed darker, and the Chinese client healed lighter. So how do you know which gradient they will heal? Generally, the darker the skin tone, the darker they will heal -Generally. This is the same for all brands of pigments in the world. The only difference is that Doreme has a gradient chart. There are exceptions, such as: Older and more mature skin will heal darker. Usually older than 40 years old would be consider mature skin.People with Freckles and very pale skin will heal darker as well, so a lighter color should be used.Modifiers: Doreme has three modifiers, the three modifiers can be use with all three Doreme pigment lines. Blue Correction:Blue Correction is used to make sure a pigment will not heal blue or cool on a client that already has a cool undertone. Example: Client has a blue undertone, but wish to use Dark Ash, which has a snow flake on the pigment chart. Use one drop of Blue correction into your pigment. This will neutralize the cool tone inside the pigment . Red Correction: Red Correction is used to make sure a pigment will not heal red or warm on a client that has a warm undertone. Example: Client has a red undertone, but wish to use Mahogany, which has a snowflake on the pigment chart. Use one drop of Red correction into your pigment. This will help neutralize the warm tone inside the pigment. White: Sometimes a client really likes a color, but just want a lighter shade of it. Mix a drop of white to lighten. Boosters: Doreme has 3 boosters for each type of Permanent Makeup Procedure and they also have a Sealer that works with all procedures. Function of the Boosters: Weakens the skin allowing easier needle penetrationReduces the transport of lymph, increasing pigment retention.Allow puncture holes to shut at a faster rate, fixing the pigment in place How to use: Boosters: Add 1 drop of Booster Brow to the pigment used for the procedure and stir wella. After the first pass (when skin is open) add neat Booster Brow with a micro-brushb. Allow to absorb and continue your procedurec. Advice: Personally, I always use the boosters even during practice. I love the Doreme Concentrate line, but it does dry out fast during practice sessions, so I will always add boosters. My formula is 1 drop of booster on 2 pumps of Concentrate pigment. Function of the Sealer: Doreme Permanent Sealer is made for all procedures. The Sealer is used for after the procedure has been completed, accelerating the healing process. It also simplifies the aftercare procedure for the customer, reducing the possibility of any mishaps in following the aftercare system. Doreme Permanent Makeup Sealer helps keep your work crisp, and helps the customer with faster healing. How to use: After cosmetic procedure, apply a thorough coat of Permanent Sealer with microbrush. ○ What is Dry Healing: “Do Nothing” except keeping the treatment area as dry as possible for 10 days. Within 2-3 hours after the procedure wash your brows gently with your fingertips using a mild soap (such as Cetaphil), to remove any excess bodily fluid such as blood or lymph. And that’s it for the next 10 days. Avoid any exercise that may put moisture in the area. If the area does get wet, pat dry immediately. Essential Colors for Concentrate Line: Dark Ash (Dark Hair Eyebrow Hair Clients): Dark Taupe / Toffee (Medium Dark Hair): Mink / Brown Ash (Medium Brown Eyebrow Hair clients): Milano Brown / Skin Candy (Light Brown Eyebrow Hair Clients): Mocha / Cognac (For Blondes) Mahogany (Red Heads):

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Doreme pigments | Doreme Permanent Makeup

Doreme pigments are a brand of permanent makeup pigments used in the tattoo and microblading industry. Here are some key points about Doreme pigments:

doreme camouflage and areola pigments liquid colors reach 2022 jpg

Brand and Product Range: Doreme pigments are produced by JHN Micro Tec. They offer a range of pigments specifically formulated for permanent makeup, microblading, and micropigmentation procedures. Doreme pigments come in various lines and sets, including Conce

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