Biotek Moscow Mule

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Biotek Moscow Mule

Biotek Moscow Mule

MOSCOW MULE: beautiful dark blond / light brown.

Moscow Mule pigment has a neutral undertone, which makes it perfect for use on all clients with light skin (phototype Fitzpatrick 2) and natural dark blond brow hair. Rapid shading is the ideal line to create shaded eyebrows with a pixel effect, in the blink of an eye!

Liquid and easy to implant, Rapid Shading pigments by BIOTEK are real game changers in the industry. They pick immediately into the skin and remain visible even after the healing process. Thanks to their unique formulation, the RAPID SHADING PMU colors release an unbelievable dotted effect, visible already from the first step.

For Macro-proof details!

BIOTEK pigments are already pre-balanced to obtain a perfect and stable healed result. You will not need to add any modifier, you can just use the color straight from the bottle. Shake well before usage.

The Rapid Shading line, just like the Biotek More Than Ever Eyebrow Line, is 100% inorganic. All BIOTEK colors are equipped with a special Bio-coating that protects the pigment molecules and prevents any kind of color change!

Goodbye gray / red eyebrows! Fall in love with the quality of Biotek colors!

Made in Italy – Vegan – Non tested on animals


18ml., 7ml.



Biotek Permanent Make-Up BIOTEK products are produced in Italy, vegan and not tested on animals. BBiotek milano Best products for permanent makeup, microblading, tattoo and microneedling. Απολαύστε την ποιότητα των βελόνων και των συσκευών μικρομελάγχρωσης μας. Ερωτευτείτε τη σταθερότητα και την απόδοση των χρωστικών BIOTEK για μόνιμο μακιγιάζ & microblading. We guarantee you perfect hygienic conditions, with disposable and sterile materials. We guarantee only biocompatible, tested, safe, sterile, compliant to the rules and anallergenic pigments will be used. Equipments used are conformed to sheet 23 and are provided by CE mark. Needles are arranged in disposable hygienic modules, to guarantee maximum hygiene and practicality. They are gamma ray sterilized with a validated medical sterilization process. The operator will make sure to open the needle he will use during the procedure right in front of you.
Biotek milano grigio
Biotek milano

Best products for permanent makeup, microblading, tattoo and microneedling.

Biotek milano grigio
Biotek milano grigio
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