Artyst H2 PMU And SMP Cartridge Needles By Cheyenne 1RL 0.40MM


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Artyst H2 PMU And SMP Cartridge Needles By Cheyenne 1RL 0.40MM

The 1-LINER 0.40 CPT is the right needle for the most demanding PMU procedures. The combination of its 0.40 needle diameter and classic PMU Taper aims to result on a steady needle that will penetrate the most difficult skin types without causing bigger trauma. It is perfect to draw beautiful eyeliner outlines and detail work on eyebrows.

All our artyst™ PMU needle cartridges are equipped with a safety membrane to prevent the backflow of colors and bodily fluids entering the machine and the associated cross-contamination.

We, as the manufacturer of artyst™, have invented and patented this technology as well as introduced it into the market through many different brands and products around the world many years ago.

Recommended for:

EyebrowsPowder brows • Intense shading • OmbréEyesAll eyeliner & eye shading techniqueLipsPrecise contours • Smooth contours • Full lipsBodyAreola capillary

Recommended for:

EyebrowsAll hair strokes techniques • Pixel, soft & intense shading techniquesEyesClassic eyeliner • Lash enhancementLipsNude lips • Aquarelle lips • Lipstick effectBodyAreola capillary • Hard scars camouflage

Recommended for:

EyebrowsDefined hair strokes

• Intense shading

• OmbréEyesEyeliner

• Lash enhancement

• Eye shading

LipsDefined contours

• Aquarelle lips

• Nude lips

• Lipstick effect

BodyAreola capillary

• Hard scars camouflage

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